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?" Willie said, "Yeah, we are, why?" The guy told us that he's straight, but he noticed "there's that killer hickey on Darren's japan xnxx neck, and, I don't know, ya just seemed like you were boyfriends" . Willie goes, "It's Dylan, not Darren." and a bit later the guy says he knows xnxx gay about a party tonight where a lot of the guys will be gay. It's xnxx porno twenty dollars video porno a person for all the beer you can xnxx app drink, lot of hot music, and military guys were always welcome. Willie said we'd think about it and check back with him if we needed more information later on, when we returned the rental boat. Andrew said, "Sure thing man, it's up to you". He went into the office and we took off like a bat out of hell with Willie behind the wheel, driving this too-fast motorboat much too fast... me holding onto the safety straps for dear life. Willie is a wildman in a boat. He xnxx porn loves the speed and is apparently free porn experienced at "boating" but he was still scaring the shit porn xnxx out of me. Naturally, Willie had thought of everything and in the backpack he had with him was sunscreen, towels, change of tee shirts and even a couple of baseball caps which came xnxx bokep in real handy. xxx The sun blaring down on our newly uncovered scalps would burn the top of our heads if we didn't wear xnxx download the hats. The guy water skiing didn't wear a xnxx japanese hat, but in the desi xnxx boat we always wore one. It was a lot of fun, the xnxx teen afternoon xnxx stories flew by. Willie had of course water skied before... what a surprise that was! The instructor he hired tamil xnxx was for me, and Andrew sure did a hell of a job because I was skiing like a xnxx tamil champ before the end of the afternoon. In between water skiing we talked about what we wanted to xnxx japanese do tonight. Andrew told us the party was actually a weekly event at an adult gay club with a liquor license and all that, so normally you'd xnxx sex need to be twenty-one to join, except there was an exception made for military guys. They could get in at any age. Usually you need to wear your uniform wwwxnxx or show your dog tags, but he, Andrew, would vouch bokep xnxx for us as we were obviously in the military. I looked at Willie when Andrew said that and Willie made a face like, "Ouch!" meaning, our haircuts were so bad only a xvideo guy in the military would have one like it. The allure of getting into an adult club, and a gay one at that, was strong and we wanted the adventure. This is one thing even Willie hasn't xnxx cina done yet, gotten into a gay club. Needless to say, I've never gotten into any club of any kind, although a girl in my homeroom last year did ask me to xnxx mom join the French club. I declined the invitation and that still remains the closest I've ever gotten to being in a club... until tonight. We got the referral card xnxx cina from Andrew. It had the club's address and driving directions on the back. Willie thinks Andrew gets a commission for everyone he refers to the club and xnxn that's why xxnxx he was so anxious to verify that we were, in fact, in the military. We'll www xnxx com check out the club after our dinner. If it's fun we'll stay, if not we'd leave. Actually it sounded real exciting to me, but sex video then whenever I'm on a date with Willie something exciting and unexpected always does seem to happen. indian xnxx We arrived back at the motel with no difficulty, got our stuff out of the car, walked across the parking lot to the lobby, and headed upstairs to the second floor. porn videos Half way up xnxx korea the stairs I blurted out a laugh because it was so obvious that everyone we passed snuck a look back at xxnx us. Either they'd porn xnxx seen me last night with my cum and pee stained pants, or xxx video they remembered Willie walking with his arm around my xnxx app waist, or their eyes were bugging out of their heads looking at not one, but two boys with severely short flattop haircuts. We were the freak nxxn show xnxx stories they'd be telling their friends and families about back home. I laughed now, but a couple of months ago I'd have been blushing xnxx gay to beat the xnxx hot band, porno humiliated beyond reason. Willie is apparently rubbing off xnxx 2019 on me, he wasn't even aware those people were gawking at us.. Upstairs in our room we dropped everything and headed for the sex xnxx shower. Coming off of a salt-water activity, at the beach or boating, you xnxx selingkuh always have the dried salt from the ocean all over you, the old sunscreen on your skin, xnxx telugu and that dried out feeling from a day in the sun. Nothing feels better then getting all that stuff off of you, getting wicked clean under a roaring shower. Well, almost nothing. When we'd washed and shampooed each other till we were squeaky clean, we got under the new, clean, xnxx hd crisp sheets of the kingsize xnxx porn bed to escape the coolness of the air-conditioner a little bit, and after a short make-out, using lube this time, I fucked Willie for almost twenty minutes before we exploded our cum shots, mine tamil xnxx went up his ass and his went on https // the xnxx com previously chrisp, clean sheets. It was xxnn an excellent fuck and we stayed in bed wrapped-up in each other with my penis up Willie's ass for quite a while afterward. It was awesome baby! Naturally we xnxx video fell asleep because of the late night we had last night, and because we got up early this morning, and because we're teenagers and therefore always tired. I did break Willie's balls a little bit about the haircuts when we finally woke japanese xnxx up. I was asking him, "Where's your fucking comb, Willie? My fucking hair is all messed up." www.xnxx He was a good sport about it, but in truth there wasn't a damn thing a xnxx indian comb or brush could do "for" or "to" our hair. It just was as it was. Eventually we were dressed and out xnxx sex videos to dinner. We ate at a little spot that was owned by someone his father's business manager knew very well and because of that we xxn walked up xnxx movies past a xnxx desi long line of peons, right up to the maitre d' where Willie was greeted like a celebrity, and we were then ushered xnnx right to a table for two at the edge of the bay. I could get use to this special treatment. The muttering of the peons didn't even bother me as we butted in front of about fifty of the "little" people... they'll get their tables eventually, patience my bokep xnxx dears, patience! Dinner wasn't as tasty as xxx video the entrance had been, xnxx indo but it wasn't bad either. It was OK. I had a fried shrimp platter and Willie ordered bouillabaisse which obviously I'd never heard of, and when it came in a large, shallow, bowl it looked like the left overs from five or six fish dinners piled into a xxx xnxx broth that smelled like clams... xnxx sex not xnxx selingkuh appetizing to me, but Willie raved about it and insisted I try it sometime. I told him, "perhaps when I'm homeless". There were clam shells and shrimp with their shells still on and a couple of chunks of lobster shell and chunks of fish and I don't porn know what all else... a fucking nightmare to eat. Aside from that, everything was fun and cool! Later, indo xnxx we found the gay club, but it wasn't easy sex videos even with the directions. No name at the entrance, no nothing except the building's address number. The door opened into a lobby that had a short line leading to the real entrance of Club Boytoytime. Willie said, "Catchy". The line moved right smartly, all males in line by xnxxcom the way, not surprising, xnxx barat but Andrew had said video porno "mostly all gays" so I expected a sprinkling of female voyeurs. Willie handed the guy the card Andrew had xnxx arab given us and we were ushered xnxx sex to the side xnxx com/ where a black dude said, "Where the fuck you site xnxx two been? We expected you here by nine." Even Willie was speechless. He finally said, "You have the wrong guys." The black guy muttered, "Oh, great! Comedians. Follow me!" We went up two flights of stairs exchanging glances like, "what the fuck?". The lower flight of stair led xnxx anime to a big, loud room with many guys of all ages dancing, many without shirts... some in their xnxx tv underwear. Very loud dance beat music and the sound of glasses www xnxx com clanking against one another, loud talking and laughing too. They had nxxn one of those globes with hundreds of tiny mirrors to make the spot light look xnxx .com like streaming tiny spotlights...pretty cool. That room was very exciting. The next flight led to a much quieter and much smaller bar area with maybe fifty men talking... half pairs and half singles. They were mostly drinking and there was music, but not xnxx video wwwxnxx dance music... it was like a regular bar. Occasionally a subdued loud speaker would announce a number in a low voice, "Number twenty-one please". Willie and me japanese xnxx are looking around, totally in the dark as xnxx movies to what's happening, the black guy says, "My name's Kendrick. Use it when you tell the bartender what you want to drink, the drinks are comp-ed. I'll go see xnxx teen how the other boys are doing." Willie and me look at each other for the sex videos tenth time since coming in here and Willie says to me, xnxxx "comp means free, as in complimentary." I'm like, "oh" and a xxx videos shrug because I've never paid for a single thing with Willie so everything is "comp" porno xnxx as far as I'm concerned. Willie ordered two imported beers that tasted so bitter I couldn't drink mine. "What the fuck sex video is going on here, Willie?" I asked. He said, "Hell if I know. Let's see what's shaking and we'll decide if we should stay or bounce outa here." Willie got himself another beer and I got a grapefruit juice and vodka... we both had a cigarette. When we'd gotten our first drink the bartender looked xnxx arab xnxx indo at us like he xxx gay xnxx xnxx hindi couldn't believe his eyes. He gave us the drinks and then lisped, "How vidio xnxx old are you two?" and Willie xnxx arab said, "Eighteen, why?" the bartender says, "For Kenny's sake, you'd better be" and he moved xnxx jepang away to serve some men down the bar. Willie and I exchanged more looks with Willie explaining why he said we were eighteen... "no one xvideos will believe we're twenty-one, but I figured we'd better be a least eighteen years old". https // Kendrick came over to our table and xnxx. com said, "Here, take a couple of these" and handed us a few pills. I said, "Man, is that for a headache because my head is starting one." Kendrick actually laughed and said, "You two are xxx videos a riot. You'll be great. xnxx teen Take the fucking pills." For the thousandth time tonight Willie and I exchanged glances and then Willie said to Kendrick, "We're not trying to be funny, we don't do drugs. Really, we don't." Willie was respectful when he said that, not being a smartass and Kendrick goes, "Oh Jesus, what a night. OK, ball busters, I'll be back for you in a couple of minutes." When he left I said, "Hey, they never collected the twenty dollars a person admission that Andrew told us about". Willie said, "Huh?" I'm pretty sure Willie was thinking the same thing I was, "How we gonna get the fuck out of here?" xnxx com/ Willie looks around and says, "That door we came xnxx india up in is xnxx indonesia the only one I see, how about we casually walk over..." Just then Kendrick's back saying to us , "See the bartender over videos xnxx there..." Willie and I look over and Kendrick says something porno about him being a xnxx tv professional place kicker for the New York xnxx .com Jets a few mom xnxx years ago and blah, blah, blah... Only thing is, I got great perifial vision and I see him sneaking power from a smell manilla envelope into our drinks. My heart goes "bam..bam...bam" but I stare extra hard at the bartender as if to say, desi xnxx "See, I couldn't see you put that shit in our drinks because I'm looking real hard at the bartender!" xnxx videos Kendrick casually put the envelope in his side pocket xnxx movies and says, "Five site xnxx minutes boys, finish your drinks xnxx mom and you can have a xnxx videos go at the boys before you take their place in the sling". Then he hands us each an envelope. Willie looks as confused as I felt, both of us taking the envelopes while frowning at Kendrick. The second he's out of earshot I say to Willie, "Don't touch that fucking drink! That guy poured some powder in our drinks, I saw him out of the corner of my eye." Willie's like, "You're shitting me!" but I shake my head no. "Where can we dump these things?" The area around the bar and the small dancing area vina garut xnxx were hardwood flooring, but the table area where we're sitting had thick carpet so I casually and slowly poured most of my drink on the carpet under our table... it was absorbed in xnxx telugu the carpet's pile. Willie nods his head and does the same whispering, "Leave a little". We put the glasses back video xnxx on the table, each had some left in the bottom. I'm feeing more than a little bit scared xnxn because this japan xnxx is serious stuff, trying to drug us. Willie is unconsciously rubbing the xxnn sandpaper www xnxx feel of the back of his head and biting his lip for a porno few seconds, then says, "Lets just go right back down the stairs, right now" and we start to get up, but Kendrick xnxx japan is right there like he'd materialized out of xnxx thin air. "Come on guys, you're up. What branch of the service are you in?" Willie goes, "Marines" and we follow Kendrick down a hall with signs pointing this way and that, they were labeled, "SLING ROOMS" "GLORY HOLE" "PRIVATE ROOMS". I hear Willie say, "Fuck" under his breath. Kendrick opens a door to a room with two hammocks or something hanging from the ceiling and two gray haired men appeared to be humping the hammocks. "Oops, sorry gentlemen, wrong room". The xnxxcom next door led to a similar room with two hammocks but www.xnxx no one was humping them. Kendrick say, "Guys! Listen up!" I thought he was talking to Willie and me until a head pops up over the side of each hammock... the hammocks were actually too short to be a real hammock, but I didn't know what else to call them. There were xnxx jepang made of leather, I could tell by the smell. The heads belonged to teenaged boys about our age. xnxx hot One was a redhead with real bushy xnxx barat hair who had xnxx 2019 a face almost as red as his hair. He said, "Where the fuck you been?" Kendrick said, "They're newbies, OK? Let em' have a quickie and then they'll relieve ya. I gotta take care of something else, so you two" he pointed to the hammock boys, "are responsible. Got it?" as they nod their heads, Kendrick opened the door and is gone, never to be seen again... we hoped. On the wall was a condom xxxx dispenser and complimentary lubricant. The four of us stare at each other until redhead says to me, "How bout you do me real quick so I can get on my way. Tips has been good tonight so you're lucky with that." He swung the hammock a bit and underneath was a hole in the hammock. It didn't take a genius to figure out that that hole was matched up with the redhead's asshole. My dick twitched and I groped my crotch. Willie said, "Just curious, but where do we leave when xnxx desi we're done? Down the main stairs or what?" The other xnxx porno xnxx sex videos boy was a very cute blond, but he had that dumb look in his eyes you see in kids sometimes. He said, "Fuck no! Ya want to piss off Kenny, ya stupid dick. Go down the hall to the left where it says EXIT... duh!" Willie says to me, "Let's go" xnxx japanese and we're out the xnxx porn door in a flash with the hammock boys yelling, "Hey! Hey!" that's all we xnxx com heard as xnxx asia we ran down the hall, took a left and flung open the door that was there. It led outside to xnnn metal steps going two floors down. Looked high at first, but we didn't hesitate. Lots of noise, the hard leather soles of our www xnxx sandals against the metal steps... clack, clack, clack, clack, clack.... an echo after each "clack". I thought, we're not going to escape this xnxx hd easy, are we? xxx xnxx At the bottom of the stairs we ran away from the building, which means we were also running away from our car, but we weren't thinking straight at the moment. Just, japanese xnxx get the fuck away from there. Four blocks, running hard... I was already half a block in front of Willie. Finally, something I can do better than him, run. He called out, "Wait up, vidio xnxx Dylan' so I slowed up till Willie was next to me and we gay xnxx jogged two more xnxx indonesia blocks and then collapsed onto a bench at a bus stop. Breathing hard, xnxx Willie says, "What do ya think, babe?" I say, "We better start circling back so we can sneak up on the car. They don't know our car so there isn't any reason someone would be watching xxnxx it." That's what we did. It took a xnxx anime half hour to do a xnxx. big circle and then, there was the parking lot. Willie says, "If they're watching the lot, they'll be looking for two boys so xxnx I'll go in alone. If they grab me, find a phone and call 911". Our cell phones were in the car. That was our plan, but we didn't need one. No one approached Willie as he walked up and got in his car. I wondered if his heart was thumping as hard as mine. He's got guts, Willie does. I was proud to be with him. He came videos xnxx roaring up to me, he leaned over and unlatched the door for me to jump in and did he ever lay some rubber with the back end of that BMW swerving from side to side. I could smell the burnt rubber for two blocks. Willie ran a light and we were a quarter mile from the Garden State Parkway just like that. Willie let out a long stream of curse words and I knew it was him letting out the tension. I felt a little sick to my stomach, but I knew that was just too much xnxx jepang adrenaline pouring into my system. I get the same reaction when I'm in a fight, well, right after the fight. It will pass in a couple of minutes. "Fuck, fuck, fuck that fucking Andrew" www.xnxx Willie was screaming at the night with the wind blowing over our extremely authentic flattop haircuts. We both calmed down after a bit, but we didn't xnxx vina garut have much to say on the Garden State Parkway back to Sea Isle City. Back in our room Willie and me hugged and then got the nervous giggles. We'd dodged a bullet for sure. Neither one of us wanted an adult beverage from the mini bar so we sat out on xnxx. the balcony drinking orange soda, smoking another cigarette, and building up the story of our xnxx bokep adventure for future retellings. gay xnxx Willie didn't even argue about the smoke, just said... "Yeah, I could use one of those, I think". We worked over our vina garut xnxx adventure at the gay club and it's going to xnxx telugu be BIG, I can just see that. It was big enough to start with, but wait till be exaggerate it over time... oh man! what a story we got there. Almost as an after-thought we remembered the envelopes and we fished them out of our pockets to find a hundred dollar bill in each, the second and third xnxx japan hundred dollar bill I'd seen tonight. Willie scuffed at the hundred dollars, "Big fucking spender, that prick Kendrick. Huh, Dylan?" I was thrilled wwwxnxx to get that hundred dollar bill, but I realized it didn't mean much to Willie so I xxn said, "Guess ya gotta make your money with tips. The kid xnxx hot said the tips were good tonight. Maybe we should have stayed awhile." Willie goes, "Oh, there ain't gonna be any tips, sex but don't worry, sweetheart, I'm pretty sure you'll get fucked tonight, and without the need fof a sling too." As xnxx jav it turned out he was right. I got fucked that night and I was lucky enough to get it again the next morning too... Willie's xnnx penis head had healed. He had xnnx to catch a two o'clock xxxx flight out xnxx korea of Atlantic City on Sunday so after he fucked me doggy style on top of the bed, we had a big breakfast xnxx com/ and then he drove me back to Wildwood. No one was in our place, the Moms xnxx jav were on the beach according to a sunny leone xnxx note from Tris. Chubby wouldn't be back till seven that night, xnxx vina garut so Willie and I had the place to ourselves for goodbye kisses and mushy words of love. This weekend convinced me that I love him and sunny leone xnxx Willie said he was more in love with me than ever. Neither of us mentioned specifically the "I'm in charge" lecture of Willie's, but we acknowledged it in other ways. In my own mind, I didn't feel inferior or a second rate citizen to Willie, it wasn't like that at all. We both felt comfortable in our relationship now and I honestly admired Willie for the way he handled it. He was hurt and he showed me how he felt by embarrassing me. Just because I didn't think getting an earring, or not calling him from my vacation, and stuff like that would be perceived as a slap in the face to Willie... well, that didn't video porno mean it wasn't. It's all long gone now. Hell, there were so many positive things about this weekend, they overwhelmed the bad part. Plus we had all that sex, sex that went both ways. I'd never felt closer or more in love with Willie than when we said goodbye. Last words xnx from Willie were, "I xnxx download can't wait for next Tuesday night Dylan. I'm already thinking xnxx. com about my first xnxx app glimpse of you as you come out of your condo. My dick gets https // hard just seeing your face in my head. I love you so much, baby... so much!" And, as indo xnxx he'd done other times, he xnxx download gets so emotional it's almost like he's crying. Very sincere is Willie Worthington. I went xxxx out on the deck to lounge around and think about things. In the early afternoon like this bokep xnxx it's actually too hot on the deck. I stayed porn anyway and spent some time wishing I could see Willie Saturday night, but we'd be getting back from Wildwood too late Saturday. Can't wait for Tuesday, but that's ten days from now and I missed Willie already. Then I was thinking how Willie has been "out" to everyone since middle school and how he appears so much more relaxed about being gay than I am. He's not particularly ashamed about being gay, nor is he particularly proud about it... it just is. Sooner or later I'm going to zoo xnxx need to video xnxx come clean to Mom, Tris and, of course, Chubby. It scares me though. Willie never says anything about me coming "out" one way or the other. Well, xnxx gay one thing is for free porn sure, I'm not coming "out" on vacation, so, along with everything else, I'll worry about this later. Then xnxx tamil I wondered about that gay club and how that kid, Andrew, had set us up. He must have lied to Kendricks, saying we agreed to be in a hammock, I guess it's called a sling, to be fucked by a lot of guys. Willie told me what a "glory hole" is too and there sure seems to site xnxx be some diverse ways to have porn gay sex. For all I know, there are just as many diverse ways to have hetero sex, but that don't interest me. I tried to imagine what it would be like to lie or sit in the zoo xnxx sling while a stranger fucked me. It seems he wouldn't be able to touch xvideos you except xxn with his boner. Wonder why that's xnxxx sexy, and the swaying hammock effect. Hmm. I guess I just don't get it, but then I xnxx barat thought japan xnxx of Dodgers haircut fetish and Chubby's foot fetish and it swirled around in my head making less xnxx asia and less sense. Then there's that mohawk man who got sexually aroused spanking me. xvideo I wondered if anyone gets aroused being the one getting spanked, that's hard to imagine. The spankings themselves are scary, but didn't last too long and, of course, I'd had just two experiences being spanked. The Marine really did a xxnxx number on me and now I know it's a fetish so I wasn't nearly as shocked with the mohawk man spanking me as I was when the Marine did it. I'd learned from porn videos Carl months ago that I need to keep an open mind when gay sex is involved because it's all so new to sex me. I use to think that rimming was something I'd never do, but now I like doing it for Willie. That's xnxx india an example right there of keeping an open mind. Smoking a cigarette made me think about Willie xnxxx because he'd given in to me on that point and didn't complain when I had a few smokes, actually smoked a few cigarettes himself. It's definitely not a one-way-street with Willie... he gives in on stuff too. Done my smoke I flicked it over the banister, but not far enough, it landed on the windowsill of the people below us... Fuck! I ran in and got a glass of water to slowly pour over the banister until xnxx. com a lucky spill caught the cigarette and put it out. Can't xnxx tv seem to get xnxx hindi the hang of flicking those things. 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I stepped out on the deck and xnxx sex video quietly said, "Don't freak out, OK?" Both Moms go , "Dylan?" and turn around to look at me. Tris blurts out a laugh and says, "You look like a boyscout with that haircut, Honey. Of my God, that's something." My Mom says, "Or the youngest Marine! How did that happen?" They don't make big deals out of things that aren't big deals. I'd forgotten that. If something's a big deal, they make a big deal out of it, like Chubby in the hospital. The indian xnxx Moms were all over the Police for the way they handled it, all over the hospital staff too, but this silly haircut... it was a curiosity, that's all. I told them about my friend Willie xnxx indo wanting an authentic flattop, I said "He's kooky about hair styles and I xnnn got caught up in the disaster." I told them what happened and tried to make it funny because it many ways it was funny. It doesn't take a lot to make the Moms laugh so... what I was afraid would be an awkward situation, turned out to be a funny one. They both felt my head and couldn't believe guys actually wore their hair this short on purpose. I knew my biological father had a haircut something like my original flattop, but gratefully that didn't come up. Chubby's bus was coming in at seven o'clock but we all knew Chubby would prefer if just his Mom picked him up. If my Mom and me went along too, it just makes Chubby uncomfortable. He didn't want me going with them when his Mom dropped him off on Friday either. My Mom and me would stay here and get the dinner together while xnxx sex video xnx Tris picked-up Chubby. God, I was so anxious to see him again it made xxx videos my stomach kind of nervous... a weird feeling. I had to take a mom xnxx deep xnxx bokep breath. Tris left in our station porno xnxx wagon to get him and I started shucking some corn while Mom made a meatloaf. We talked easily and she even told me about having the